How ynet Group manages 25 apps and websites by creating a synergy in their Ad-Ops team using Optimon


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About ynet Group

ynet Group is the biggest publishing group in Israel, with more than 500M monthly page views in 25 websites and mobile apps. It covers various content types, such as news, sports, fashion, economic, and lifestyle and generates over 600 articles each day, for readers all over the globe.

ynet’s Ad-Operations team includes 10 team members, all together in charge of all of ynet’s digital assets.

The Challenges & The Solution

Teamwork has always been a challenge for any Ad-Ops team. One of the biggest challenges was splitting the workload between the team members and still being able to stay in sync and keep everyone updated about optimization changes, issues, alerts, revenue drops, and more.

With the help of Optimon’s platform automatic alerts, insights, and optimization suggestions, the team has been able to quickly detect issues, share insights with their teammates, and tackle revenue drops as they occur.

Using Optimon’s team-sharing features, ynet’s team has been able to share their work process to prevent revenue loss and maximize their overall yield.

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