How Maariv Group increased its programmatic revenue by 740% in three years using Optimon


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About Maariv Group

Maariv Group is one of the top 5 publishers in Israel, with more than 40M monthly page views in five different digital assets, including two mobile apps. It covers various content types, such as news, sports, business, and lifestyle and generates over 200 articles each day.

The Challenges & The Solution

Maariv Group has been trying to manage their inventory and maximize their yield using an in-house team, and felt like they reached their “glass ceiling”. Optimon’s team has started monetizing the group’s inventory back in Jan 2018.

The feeling of having a “glass ceiling” disappeared rapidly as the group’s ad revenue doubled after only three months of work.

Three years later, with the help of Optimon’s platform, the group has reached an amazing result of ~740% uplift in revenue since Jan 2018, with only small changes in incoming traffic.

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