How Globes optimizes AdX price floors and saves operational costs using Optimon


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About Globes

Globes is one of the top 5 finance magazines in Israel, with more than 40M monthly page views, mostly from direct traffic sources. It covers Israeli business to Israel’s elite in management, investment, technology, law, accounting, and marketing.


The Challenges & The Solution

According to Globes Ad-Ops team, one of the hardest tasks involves keeping track of set floor prices in order to maximize ad revenue. This task requires running numerous reports and manual calculations to be able to reach a mindful decision.

Using Optimon, Globes team was able to use the powerful pricing rules features to assist them in tracking the entire range of pricing rules metrics and to receive automatic suggestions to optimize those price floors.

By not being forced to manually track changes using tedious Excel sheets and struggling with complex calculations, the time saved by the Ad-Ops team has been used for increasing revenue.


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